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7. 12. 2011

Zvonečník (named after Round-headed Rampion, Phyteuma orbiculare in latin) - Ecological platform of the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD)

Main targets of our platform are not only enforcing the "green" direction of the party, but also dialogue with experts and NGOs. Our target is also linking of ecological perspective to social and economic perspective.

*cooperates in the preparation of the environmental attitudes of ČSSD
*promotes attitudes of ČSSD to environmental problems
*collaborates with experts, environmental NGOs and green parties
*offers alternative views of intraparty discussion, organizes seminars and lectures, prepares information materials and publications

Our aim must be to enforce basic environmental principles in all spheres of social life. At the same time we can also seek inspiration in the European social democratic parties, especially Scandinavian, showing that ecology is not the domain of green parties only. Reasonable environmental policy brings not only energy and material savings, but also economic growth, creating new jobs and resources for the social sphere.

Jiří Jakl (head)
e-mail: jirijakl@seznam.cz GSM: +420 776 877 565